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Copy of Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Informational Meeting Regarding Mountain Park 8/4/21

I apologize for not being able to record the message, but we will post all of the information online that was shared at the meeting including the slide presentation.


How will it support the Dual immersion of the student enrolled at MPS?

Can you please address the students that are in the Spanish and Mandarin Dual Immersion program? Do you have an option for them?

We are working to find an additional learning module for our dual immersion students. More info to come as we work with Dr. Kaiser and the principals at Plymouth & Monroe.

Do dual immersion students get their bilingual diploma if in independent study?

We are working with the dual immersion program to explore some possibilities.


So what school does my student/child sign up with of they have special needs? Are they enrolled in home school and attend Mt  Park?


As far as IEP services, I believe he said they do not offer the services, but you can still receive them through the district/school?

Can you please clarify, will there be an RSP or OT option?

Can a student on RSP take independent study?

What about kids in 7th grade with an IEP student special day class?

We would need to schedule an IEP amendment meeting through the SPED department to see if a change of placement would be plausible. We would weigh all of your options and share your rights as a parent depending in any case.

Will the program provide special education services?  Speech? 

How are kids with IEP services handled?

Special Education students will continue to receive their services at their home schools. If they would like to transfer to Mountian Park, they need to have an IEP amendment meeting to see how meet students needs.

What do you mean by supports available?

Special accommodations that are mandeated by their 504 or IEP.

If my student is a senior this year at MHS if she finishes the two classes she needs to graduate through independent study will she graduate with her MHS class or no?

Will my 8th grade student be able to graduate with her class onstage with Clifton if she does the independent study?

No. The student will graduate/promote with the school they are enrolled in their last semester of school.


Can my kids attend Mountain park for fall and then transfer back to Monrovia high school for spring?


Will there be an option to move/ go back to another school (within the schoolyear)  if we decide to do traditional in-person class? 


Can my student begin the year in independent study and then transfer to their home school after they is fully vaccinated? 


Can do you independent study just for a few months until going back to regular school? 

We want to wait until fully vaccinated to return to in-person. 


Can my student go to virtual school then transition to in person in the middle of the school year if the COVID numbers improve and are consistently low?


If this does not work for my child, is there an option to go back to traditional school mid-year? Yes. 

Will there be a virtual option?

Only at Mountain Park.


So do the middle schoolers take classes at the middle school as well?

If they chose the virtual method, no. It would be at Mountain Park School.

Do I disenroll my student from their home school prior to enrolling in the virtual program?


I have a 5 year old boy. He didn't attend TK last year due to COVID. I would like to enroll him in Mountain Park, and switch back Plymouth once he is vaccinated. What is the process since this is his first year in school?

Go to the district website to register him as a new student, then enroll him at our officeAugust 9-13, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am-3:00pm at 930 Royal Oaks Dr. 

Do we need to fill out an enrollment packet before the 9th?

The enrollment packet can be filled out after the 9th. August 9-13, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am-3:00pm at 930 Royal Oaks Dr. 

If my kid has already committed to Monrovia High School, and we are interested in changing to independent study, is that a smooth change?

Yes. Withdraw from MHS, then enroll at 930 Royal Oaks Dr. 8/9-13 between 8am and 3pm. Bring an ID and utility bill as proof of address.

How does the process for transferring back to our home school work?

Withdraw from Mountain Park, then enroll back at your home school.

So our kids can still do home school?

In essence, yes. Through Mt. Park Independent Study.

Do we have to sign up now or if COVID gets worse we can shift and join several month’s from now?


What steps will be required to reinstate students back in the the traditional 

classroom they were expected-- once pandemic is under control?

Withdraw from Mountain Park, then enroll back at your home school.

How /when is the return to school handled? Do they get to go to their home school?
School starts Aug 18, 2021 and registration begins on August 9th at their home school.

Whn are the enrollment dates?

August 9-13, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Can you take AP's while in independent study?

Yes, you can take them at MHS simultaneously.

Does Mountain View have an Honors Program? 


Can a middle schooler participate in coding/ Avid program while in honors if enrolled in mountain park?

Students can dual enroll in Mountain Park and another school to take a class that we do not offer at Mountain Park School. Yes.


Will Monrovia high school have virtual classes or will they only be doing it in person?

In person only.

Will my 6th grader have one teacher or multiple teachers?

K-8 graders will only have one teacher.

My student does better with the virtual learning. Will you provide Monday through Friday for every class?


If staying all the way thru and graduating is there a ceremony where they will [walk] the stage?


Will all virtual classes be thru Mountain Park? Are they discontinuing at regular school sites?

Yes and yes.


As far as graduation requirements-is it the same as MHS or different?

Same with exception of the 2.0 GPA requirement.

Are they required to take the same amount of credits as they would at MHS and if not and they decide to go back to MHS-will they be behind in credits to graduate?

Yes, they will need the same amount of credits and will be on pace to graduate there.

If my student us taking honors classes will they receive the same via virtual?

Not as an official honors class, but still as a WASC accredited, NCAA approved, UC/CSU approved course.


Will the school district be hosting a similar information session for the in-person schools?

I am not aware of a planned session, but I will inquire.

I have not worked from the office since March 2020. Why should I send my child to school when 4000 people daily are contracting COVID?

We offer the independent study option to meet your student’s academic needs and to keep them safe and healthy until numbers are down and vaccinations are up.

If we were assigned Chromebook from our home school, do we need to return to our home school & does MP provide equipment?

Please return in to your homeschool, then we will issue you another one.

Do kids graduate with diploma or certificate?


Is the graduation process the same as MHS? Graduating ceremony with diplomas?


Can the presentation slides be sent to all of us via parents square?


My student is in MHS MASA. If she choose independent learning, can she go back to MHS MASA after my 9 year-old is fully vaccinated?


Will the school district be hosting a similar information session for the in-person schools? I would like to know what to expect in order to make an informed decision.

One has yet to be scheduled.

Will there be a Parent Square post regarding class schedules for all grade levels before the start of registration next week?

I am not sure.

How does the curriculum compare to the inperson curriculum?

The curriculum is Commom Core State Standards aligned with the other MUSD school sites.

What is the ratio of student to staff

Approximately 16:1

Is there one teacher per grade or group of elementary kids?

Yes. Currently we have one teacher serving all of our K-5 students. If the enrollment increases, we will hire an additional teacher.

If Independent Study has gone on in the past, how do the students fare (are scores equivalent) on state exams relative to students in the traditional inperson curriculum. 

Very comparable, but most of the time higher. 

Should we expect to supplement the education?

We have suggestions for supplementing the education if it doesn’t seem like enough. For example, taking classes are free for high school students if enrolled at Mt. Park.

How can I make an appointment with the office?

Call Mr. McKendrick at (626) 471-3002.