Zoot Suit

Once again, Mr. Daniel Chacón went the extra mile, utilizing his wide range of friends in the film industry to expose our students to a career in the fine arts and video production pathway. Mr. Chacón's passion for theatre has got his students burning for acting opportunities. As is the tradition, Mr. Chacón has his students learn lines and act out scenes from the play, "Zoot Suit," currently showing at the Mark Taper Forum in Downtown Los Ángeles. Over twenty students ended up riding the Metro Gold Line on a cool, drizzly February morning with Chacón, Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. McKendrick. Lunch was provided and everything between the departure at the Monrovia station and the final curtain call included laughing and cheering from the crowd of students from high schools all around the greater Los Angeles area. For more information, check out the link below: