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Student Learning Outcomes

Self-Directed Learners Who:
·        Access and use resources for academic, career and/or personal purposes.
·        Set priorities and organize time and resources effectively.
·        Use a variety of tools to demonstrate technological literacy.
Creative and Critical Thinkers Who:
·        Question, analyze and evaluate information and ideas.
·        Use imagination to generate ideas and projects.
·        Recognize problems and devise and implement plans of action.
Outstanding Collaborators Who:
·         Participate cooperatively as team members and contribute to group efforts.
·         Demonstrate leadership abilities, organizational skills and negotiation skills.
Responsible Citizens Who:
·         Exhibit good study/work habits, including regular attendance and punctuality.
·         Exhibit good manners and demonstrate respect for individual differences and human diversity.
·         Demonstrate understanding of political and economic systems and the role they play globally.
Effective Communicators Who:
·        Convey ideas through oral communication, writing, artistic expression, technology, and numbers.
·        Read and evaluate a broad variety of materials.
·        Exhibit skills in negotiation, conflict resolution and compromise.