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Our offices will be open for registration August 3-13 from 8am-3pm. Please bring a parent ID, proof of residence (water, electric, or car insurance bill). Online registration and signature pages can be done at home or on-site, but must be turned in to the school by Aug 13th.

About Mountain Park Virtual Academy and Independent Study School (K-12)

Welcome to Mountain Park Virtual Academy!
Our flexible approach allows for tailor-made schedules full of opportunities for students to flourish with a robust offering of UC/CSU/NCAA/WASC-approved programs. Our learning platform allows for virtual, hybrid, and in-person delivery of instruction. Dual enrollment opportunities allow your child to continue to chose to participate in programs in their home school or to solely enroll in Mountain Park. We offer extra-curricular activities, early college opportunities (tuition-free), and preparation for higher education and a career. Please call Mr. Calvin McKendrick for more information at (626) 471-3002 or click here for more information.

Yard Sign Drop Off!

Our AMAZING teachers spent Teacher Appreciation Week dropping off yard signs to potential graduates last Wednesday during SEL time. If you did not receive one or live outside of Monrovia, please schedule a time to pick one up with the front office!

School Newsletter Article!

2020 has been a year like no other, and quite frankly, we hope we don't have to endure another year like it. See this uplifting article circulating for the November 2020 MUSD Newsletter!

Monrovia USD Board of Education Student Representative 2020-21

Our new student board representative, Elle Hendry, had her debut on Wednesday, October 14, 2020! She wonderfully read a brief report about our school to the Monrovia Unified School District Board of Education and the Monrovia community. Check it out in the first 12 minutes of the link below!

It is my pleasure to introduce our 2020-2021 school year student school board representative.
Elle Hendry Is a junior at Mountain Park School. She likes to surf, swim, read, travel, water ski, do Jujitsu, bake, and wakeboard. She has spent her free time over the past few months taking drives with friends to the beach and other fun places. She has also spent time watching movies with her family including some of her parents’ favorites. She works as an assistant in her dad’s dental office preparing for surgeries by setting up and cleaning up. She plans to get into a good four-year college looks to find a career in the field of science, engineering or architecture. She is leaning more towards a job that has to do with science because it has always been fun and made sense. Before transferring to Mountain Park, Elle was ranked 2nd in the class of 2022 at Monrovia High School. As a first-year student at Mountain Park School, she loves the flexibility of working on her own time and at her own pace, while acquiring meaningful knowledge in all subject areas.
Elle hopes to continue to prepare for college through the rigorous coursework provided through independent study.


Our offices will be open for registration August 10-15 from 8am-3pm. Please bring a parent ID, proof of residence (water, electric or car insurance bill). Online registration and signature pages can be done at home or on site, but must be turned in to the school by Aug 15th. Click headline for more info.

On-Campus Study Labs Open 4/19/21!

Mountain Park Students in grades 6-12 may now receive in-person instruction from 8:00 am - 10:30 am. Please email your teachers to plan day(s) and time(s) you will be on campus.

Professional Graduation Photograph Orders

I just received an update from the photographer regarding your picture orders:
Good evening. Hope all is well. I'm sending a quick text, to update you on the photo orders. The fulfillment lab that I normally use, has been a bit back logged, due to personnel restrictions surrounding the pandemic. I have communicated this with all of the parents last week. Not sure, if some of them have checked or received the communication. I was able to get some orders out last week, some out today, will ship more tomorrow. The remainder should be delivered next week. I was really glad to be there, and want to make sure everyone is satisfied with their photos! 😊

Mountain Park Diplomas

Sorry for the inconvenience graduates. The vendor for the diplomas sent us the certificates for the wrong school last week so we had to place a new order. Your 2020 diplomas will be available after August 3, 2020. Please call (626) 471-3002 for more information.


Vapear es una tendencia que nos atañe a todos. La preocupación compartida acerca sobre la prevalencia del vapeo en nuestra comunidad nos inspiró a solicitar una subvención del estado para la educación para la prevención del uso del tabaco (TUPE) (por sus siglas en inglés) para los grados 6-12.

GRADUATION CEREMONY: Tuesday, June 2nd @ 2pm at MHS

Your call time will be available through your counselor's Google Classroom.
Su consejera tendrá la hora exacta en la cual tienes que llegar a MHS.
Please read ALL details below regarding participation in this year's graduation:
Por favor, LEAN todos los detalles en español más abajo:
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